Wireworld CHROMA™ Nettverkskabel
  • Wireworld CHROMA™ Nettverkskabel

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    Chroma features the same speed and design of the groundbreaking Starlight ethernet cable, but with solid oxygen-free copper conductors. Flat, flexible and fast, this amazing cable is also easy to assemble making it ideal for installers. Patent pending Tite-Shield™ Technology improves the digital signal transmission thereby increasing speed and fidelity over conventional ethernet cables.

    • Spesifikasjoner

      Konstruksjon: Tite-Shield Technology : 100 Ohms 
      Signaledere: 23AWG  |  0.26 sq. mm
      Ledermateriale: Oxygen-Free Copper
      Isolasjon: Composilex 2
      Plugger: 24K Gold-plated

      Note: CHE (Standard Termination)

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