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Acoustic Energy AE520 er det nye flaggskipet fra denne fullroste britiske produsenten av klassisk hi-fi. Den besvarer alle dine spørsmål rundt hvor gode høyttalere Acoustic Energy kan lage når budsjettene er friere. Vær forberedt på massive oppvisninger av både bass, perspektiv og oppløsning - alt sammen nydelig pakket inn i et særdeles lyttevennlig lydbilde.


Informasjon fra produsent:

The AE520 is a powerful, slim-line, floor-standing loudspeaker which builds on the AE500 and AE509 models to firmly establish itself as the brand’s new flagship, featuring multi-driver design, imposing size and performance.

The AE520 features two dedicated 125mm mid-range drivers, three low frequency drivers and a 25mm tweeter – all fashioned from carbon fibre to provide perfect tonal matching across the frequency range.

The two dedicated 125mm carbon fibre mid-drivers include new oversized 35mm voice coils for low thermal compression and optimum motor force factor. Both are mounted within their own dedicated sealed enclosure whilst the three dedicated low frequency drivers are reflex loaded by a large rear facing rectangular port. Designed to match the pistonic power and accuracy of our legendary ceramic aluminium drivers, these new units offer much improved self-damping for a smoother, more transparent sound.

Vertical directivity has been optimised to provide excellent vertical coverage whilst reducing the energy otherwise wasted on ceiling and floor reflections when compared to traditional designs.

The slim-line cabinets are finished in Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White or American Walnut wood veneer finishes. Solid Aluminium bars are supplied to ensure rigid floor-coupling and maximum stability, whilst the stiffness of the metal structure reduces the room to speaker interaction.

The AE520 is not one of those weedy, anaemic-sounding floorstanders that have you wondering why you didn’t buy the standmount version at half the price. Instead, you get a large, muscular and full-range sound that has weight, grunt and go.

- Hi-Fi Choice Oktober 2018




Drive Unit: 130mm ceramic aluminium sandwich cone
Tweeter: 25mm dome
Frequency Range: 30Hz – 28kHz (+/- 6dB)
Sensitivity: 90dB
Peak SPL: 113dB
Power Handling: 300w
Crossover Frequency: 373Hz/2.8kHz
Impedance: 6ohms
Design: 3 way
Grilles: Slim, cloth magnetic fit
Dimensions (mm): 1130 x 185 x 320 (HxWxD, exc. spikes)
Weight: 30kg (each)
Finishes: Piano Gloss White, Piano Gloss Black and Real Walnut wood veneer
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